November 19, 2016

AURA-LV: Successful Treatment of Active Lupus Nephritis with Voclosporin

ASN 2016 High Impact Clinical Trial

William Franklin Pendergraft, James A. Tumlin, Brad H. Rovin, Mary Anne Dooley, David R.W. Jayne, David Wofsy, Frederic A. Houssiau, David Isenberg, Tak Mao Chan, Neil Solomons, Robert B. Huizinga

In patients with biopsy proven lupus nephritis, complete remission at 24 weeks was reached by 32.6% (p = 0.045) in low dose voclosporin arm, compared to 27.3%(p=0.204) in the high-dose arm and 19.3% in control arm.  Voclosporin was used in combination with MMF and corticosteroids.

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