March 15, 2011

Kidney March

Walk 3 days. 100 kilometers. From K Country to Calgary. Raise $2,200 for the fight against kidney disease.  We are asking you to do the most you can possibly do – walk the furthest you’ve ever walked, raise the most money you’ve ever raised, and commit to truly making a difference. Walking 100 kilometres over 3 days is an intimidating feat; after all, we’re all just normal, everyday people. But, we believe the only time we can be brave is when we’re afraid. And we’re ready to be brave for this cause. Make the biggest difference you’ve ever made in your life and join us for Kidney March September 9-11, 2011.

Submitted by the Kidney Foundation of Canada

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  • This kidney march should be made into a worldwide fund raiser. Kidney disease affects every nation and every nationality. Good luck to all attending…. 100kms in 3… that is some going.