October 8, 2011

New DaVita Peritoneal Dialysis Webinar Series

A new series of DaVita’s peritoneal dialysis (PD) webinars began in October and will continue on the first Friday of each month. The clinically focused webinars will be presented by physician experts in home dialysis.

The next webinar, The Pros and Cons of CAPD vs. CCPD, is hosted by Dr Tom Tucker and will take place Nov. 4 at 2 p.m. Register now!

Additional webinar topics include:

  • Kidney Transplants and PD Patients – Optimizing PD Treatments to Ensure Candidacy for Transplantation
  • Home Hemodialysis as the Continuum of the PD Spectrum – The Effective Transition of PD Patients to HHD
  • Successfully Starting Incident Crashers on PD
  • Cruise Control – Quality Parameters and Tips on Keeping Patients on the Therapy
    • Part 1 of 3: 90 days to six months
    • Part 2 of 3: six months to one year
    • Part 3 of 3: more than one year

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