November 30, 2015

Performance of Temporary Hemodialysis Catheter Insertion by Nephrology Fellows and Attending Nephrologists

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This pre- post-intervention study with a pretest-only comparison group was conducted at the University of Toronto in September of 2014. Participants were nephrology fellows and attending nephrologists from three university-affiliated academic hospitals who underwent baseline assessment of internal jugular temporary hemodialysis catheter insertion skills using a central venous catheter simulator. A total of 19 attending nephrologists and 20 nephrology fellows participated in the study. Mean attending nephrologist checklist scores (46.1%; SD=29.5%) were similar to baseline scores of fellows (41.1% items correct; SD=21.4%; P=0.55). Only two of 19 attending nephrologists(11%) met the minimum passing score at baseline. After simulation training, fellows‘ mean post-test score improved to 91.3% (SD=6.9%; P<0.001). Median time between pre- and post-test was 24 hours. Simulation training was extremely effective for nephrology fellows and should be considered for attending nephrologists as well.

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