September 21, 2015

Risk of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with CKD

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With the increasing prevalence of CKD in pregnancy, it is important that both physicians and patients are aware of the risks.  In this Torino-Cagliari Observational Study (TOCOS), 504 pregnancies in women with CKD were compared with 836 low-risk pregnancies in women without CKD.  There were multiple pregnancy outcomes that were studied and divided into “general” combined outcome (preterm delivery, NICU, SGA); and “severe” combined outcome (early preterm delivery, NICU, SGA).  The risk for adverse outcomes increased across stages (for stage 1 versus stages 4-5: “general” combined outcome, 34.1% versus 90.0%; “severe” combined outcome, 21.4% versus 80.0%; P<0.001). Moreover, stage 1 CKD was also with adverse general combined pregnancy outcome  in women without baseline hypertension, proteinuria, or systemic disease (OR, 1.88; 95% CI, 1.27 to 2.79). The risk of intrauterine death did not differ between patients and controls.

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