February 12, 2010

Second Chances in Mineral Metabolism

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In this succinct editorial, Dr. Wolf reinforces the rationale for performing proper randomized controlled trials in bone mineral metabolism before changing clinical practice.  In addition, he provides insight into a first-in-class substudy of the ACHIEVE study which looks at the effects of cinacalcet and activated Vitamin D on FGF23 levels in ESRD.

Free full text kindly provided by the American Society of Nephrology.

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  • Janice Cori Cobb

    I am most intrigued with Dr. Myles Woolf’s article concerning bone mineral metabolism, particularly with regard to the role of FGF23. Inasmuch as increased Fibroblast growth factor (FGF23) production is associated with decreased renal function, might that increase, in and of itself, be a contributory agent of causation? Also, of great interest, is the resurgence of increased dietary and supplemental cholecalciferol, both in its application to benefit optimal and appropriate bone mineral metabolism, and, also, its role in ameliorating interstitial nephritis.

    I very much enjoy accessing the highly informative articles made available through “Nephrology Now”.

    Kind regards,
    Janice Cori Cobb