November 1, 2010

Similar Outcomes With Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis in Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease

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In one of the largest retrospective observational studies comparing dialysis modality and survival, the authors compared the survival of 620 020 incident Hemodialysis patients and 64 046 incident Peritoneal Dialysis patients treated in The United States between 1996-2004. The authors demonstrated improving survival for PD patients with similar survival compared to HD patients in  a more recent cohort (2002-2004) compared to inferior survival for PD patients in prior cohorts (1996-1998) and (1999-2001). The authors used a fairly novel technique to simultaneously adjust for both the propensity for PD and HD treatment among patients, and to diminish any bias resulting from consistently higher rates of kidney transplantation among PD patients relative to HD patients.

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