November 19, 2016

The Sodium Lowering in Dialysate (SoLID) Trial: A Randomised Controlled Trial of Low versus Standard Dialysate Sodium Concentration (DNa) during Hemodialysis (HD) for Regression of Left Ventricular (LV) Mass

ASN 2016 High Impact Clinical Trial

Mark R. Marshall, Alain C. Vandal, Joanna Leigh Dunlop, Janak Rashme de Zoysa, Imad A. Haloob, Christopher J. Hood, John Irvine, Philip J. Matheson, David Mcgregor, Kannaiyan Samuel Rabindranath, David Semple. Auckland, New Zealand.

Dialysate sodium (Na) concentration of 135 mmol/L vs 140 mmol/L did not effectively reduce left ventricular mass.

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